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Many people use comparison sites to find their insurance these days, be it for home, car or holiday, but we’re often asked if this is the best way of going about it. And the answer is a resounding NO!!
Insurance brokers

There are many reasons why using your local, reputable insurance broker is a much more astute, money saving and well-advised way of finding your next insurance policy.

Firstly, comparison sites have limited ability to tailor your quote to your specific insurance needs. Let’s take holiday insurance as an example. If you have specific health issues, then these need discussing with an advisor who can find you the best policy and make sure your needs are met accurately so that in the event of a claim, you have the peace of mind that you are properly covered. Likewise, for property insurance, there’s limited capacity to add all the rooms, outbuildings or extensions to your quote and so you end up having to phone individual insurance companies anyway, just to explain your actual requirements.

Secondly, comparison sites do not recommend one insurance company above another. They rank them in price order and include a defacto star rating, but this rating is not an indication of the suitability of the policy to your needs. One customer took out a policy recently which had a high ranking but later, when he delved deeper, he was dismayed to find that every single review of the company was poor! Again, the onus is on the individual to do the research, whereas insurance brokers have a wealth of knowledge on industry front runners and know exactly who to recommend and who to steer well away from.

Finally, and possibly the most important of all – in the unfortunate event that you need to make a claim, how reassuring is it to know the name and face of the person who sold you the insurance and that they will support you with your claim? 

Three sound and sensible reasons to support your local independent insurance agent.

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