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Student contents insurance

It’s that time of year when students are off to university and maybe this year it’s your child’s turn to set off on their big adventure, live away from home for the first time and make their own way in the world. Along with all the excitement and preparations there’s bound to be some nerves and tears too! A few weeks down the line and these will all be forgotten, but there’s one thing you mustn’t forget, and that’s insurance. Yes, we know it’s not the most interesting subject in the world but it’s vital your child doesn’t lose out on hundreds if not thousands of pounds should something happen to their belongings.

What to check for?

The first thing to find out is whether your own home insurance policy covers your child’s things away from the home. If not, then you should consider taking out a contents policy for your child. In addition, their student accommodation insurance may cover their belongings inside the building so that’s another thing to check out.

Having checked all of this, if you need to insure your child’s things then student contents cover is what you are looking for. This covers belongings inside the student accommodation, however, there are certain exceptions which you need to look out for, such as accidental damage which isn’t usually covered but can be added on.

Policy Documents

Finally, it’s quite usual for students to spend the night away from their accommodation, or take laptops and other things into uni with them. A normal policy won’t cover any losses away from the home so adding this cover too will give your peace of mind should anything happen. 

All in all, there’s quite a few options to consider and things to check before finding the right policy for your child and their beloved belongings. 

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